Technology  Development performance

Technology development performance

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High-level loading unmanned forklift

A. Assignment Overview

  • - business name : Ministry of Extreme Transportation transportation logistics research project
  • - Project Title : Intelligent logistics center loading/unloading and transportation system technology development
  • - Detail Project Name : Development of high-level unmanned forklift system
  • - Total research period : 2011.12.22~2014.07.21
  • - final goal : In order to improve the productivity of logistics centers and reduce logistics costs through the use of manpower, a dual-carriage type high-level unmanned forklift, environmental recognition technology, and autonomous driving integrated operation system using the same were developed.

B. Assignment content


  • - Highly dependent on manpower for unloading work
  • - Rising logistics costs
  • - labor shortage phenomenon
  • - Safety accident occurred
  • - low operating efficiency


  • - Unmanned forklift that can operate 24 hours a day
  • - Unmanned aerial vehicle that can be loaded on a standard pallet rack of 5.4 m (1.8
  • - Unmanned forklift capable of automatic battery replacement
  • - Unmanned forklift capable of double loading
  • - new technology : Simultaneous positioning/mapping (SLAM) technology for lasers, Kinect integrated pallet recognition technology
  • - Field application technology : Double loading technology, integrated vehicle control system, traffic avoidance schedule technology
  • - Domestic technology : Three-way fork technology, driving part development technology

D. Performance History

technical achievements
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D. Performance History

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Bulk unloading equipment system