Products  AGV

AMR / AGV Series

Autonomous driving and hybrid System

SR Series




  • Lightweight robot platform.
  • Utilizing industrial, fulfillment, and service robot bases.
  • Availability of various attachment applications.


HPA 05

DLF 02

LGV 01

  • Heavyweight AGV supporting payloads up to 200 tons
  • Driverless forklift which are intelligently able to manage pallet transportation workflows
  • Various collaborations possible with AMR

IM Series


Fulfillment Service


Service Robot

  • Small volume delivery to large warehouses, supermarkets, etc. WMS control linkage possible.
  • Information service at airports, hotels, and subway stations.
Model Demensions(W/L/H)(mm)
PayLoad(kg) Driving Guide Application
SR1 620/700/350
MAX. 80 or less
SLAM Rack/Delivery
SR3 800/1000/300
MAX. 300 or less
SLAM Conveyor/Lift/Turn-table
SR5 1000/1300/190
MAX. 500 or less
SLAM Conveyor/Lift/Turn-table
SR7 1150/1600/200
MAX. 1Ton
± 50/20/5 1.2 / 2.0
HPA 05 1800/2500/1155
MAX. 5Ton
Magnetic Guide Customize
DLF 1020/3022/2466
MAX. 3Ton
SLAM / Laser Guide (Optional) Customize
LGV 1020/3022/2466
MAX. 1.5Ton
SLAM / Laser Guide (Optional) Customize
SR1P 620/700/1563
MAX. 45 or less
SLAM Rack/Delivery
IM5 620/
MAX. 45 or less
SLAM Rack/Delivery

* Specifications may change depending on site and process. For more information, please contact Syscon.