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Autonomous Mobile Robot

Syscon's AMR automatically detects nearby obstacles through multiple sensors and finds the optimal route to the destination. It can be used in more situations than the existing AGV (Auto Guided Vehicle), which only traveled a fixed path along the track through various route settings.

▸ Motion - planning : route settings

▸ Motion - planning : avoid, drive


The system plans the optimal route to the destination to accomplish a mission. Subsequently, AMR follows the generated path, performing obstacle avoidance (acceleration/deceleration, stop) for static or dynamic obstacles which are not existed on the map. It autonomously generates the optimal path from its current position to the desired destination, taking into account the specified arrival location and angle inputs. Autonomously, the system generates the optimal path from the current position to the destination with the specified arrival location and angle inputs. Upon detecting obstacles during navigation, the system dynamically generates real-time alternative routes to effectively circumvent the obstacles. The Syscon AMR series have the flexibility to choose avoiding obstacle or stopping themselves when obstacles are detected. Moreover, the system supports designated path navigation, enabling them to follow specified routes rather than the optimal path.

  • 3D obstacle avoidance technology using cameras
  • Optimal route, fixed route selection driving technology
  • Technology to recognize and slow down multiple obstacles to avoid them
  • Technology that efficiently navigates a path on which a robot can navigate autonomously, considering the size of the robot and the size of surrounding obstacles

▸ Mapping

▸ Slam


  • Mapping technology through SLAM
  • Location recognition technology through specific markers on the map
  • Robot posture and position estimation technology through Wheel Odometry and IMU on a map


Syscon's AMR leverages docking technology to conduct precise alignment with the target by a signal from specific markers. Syscon owns customized docking technology tailored to specific on-site requirements based on accumulated expertise from diverse operational environments.

  • High-precision docking technology (basic ±50mm, marker ±20mm, guide ±5mm)
  • Auto-charging Technology
  • Rack Recognition Technology implemented by Deep Learning
  • Technology encompasses the recognition of various markers, including L/V Marker, Cradle, and others.

Follow Me

Syscon's AMR is capable of autonomously following a specific person while maintaining a designated distance.

  • During the "Follow Me" mode, the technology involves the static or dynamic detection of obstacles and pause.
  • The technology incorporated halts the "Follow Me" functionality if someone enters a pre-defined hazardous area on the map.

Our Engineers Say

We have secured competitiveness in the domestic industrial mobile robot market by securing a technology stack based on the diverse needs of industrial sites. We will differentiate by developing a system optimized for industrial mobile under a standard platform.