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'attract investment' 21.03.09

V1Tech invests in logistics robot company ‘Syscon’

Kim Seon-joong, CEO of V1Tech, and CEO Kim Heung-soo of Syscon signed an investment agreement at the KPMG headquarters in Gangnam, Seoul on the morning of the 9th and decided to invest approximately 20 billion won in the acquisition of new and old shares through third-party allocation of Syscon, according to a public announcement on the 9th. announced.
V1Tech, a KOSDAQ-listed company, is known to have acquired more than 50% of its shares, but the purpose of the acquisition is to diversify its business into the autonomous robot field, which is one of its future growth businesses, and to create synergies with its existing business. There is no
Syscon is a logistics robot specialist company established in November 2013 and is pursuing a business linked to robots based on its long-accumulated factory automation SI experience. We are increasing added value by combining logistics systems and IT solutions, and are creating a virtuous cycle in which existing FA customers become companies in demand for robots, and new robot customers become new FA customers.
Syscon develops and supplies robot systems and autonomous mobile robots (AMR) within smart factories. In particular, it is recognized as a specialized company in the global market by utilizing AI-based AMR such as deep learning.
Syscon currently has about 80 employees and achieved sales of approximately 10 billion won last year.
>This year, as the logistics robot business gains momentum, sales are expected to more than double to 20 billion won through supply to large corporations. Starting with this investment, it is known that other organizations will soon invest several billion won, and this The funds will be used for mass production of logistics robots and research and development.

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