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‘Mayor Park Nam-chun visits promising small and medium-sized robot development site’
< Visit to Syscon robot demo site > 21.12.27


▲ Mayor Park Nam-chun is listening to CEO Kim Heung-soo's explanation of the SR series demonstration.


▲ Asking questions about subway service robots in the IM series

'Mayor Park Nam-chun visits promising small and medium-sized robot development site'
Visit to Syscon Co., Ltd., a logistics robot and drone development company
Incheon Robot Land will be developed into a space where future leaders can realize their dreams.

Full article On the 27th, Incheon Mayor Park Nam-chun visited the robot specialized companies located in the Cheongna Incheon Robot Land Robot Tower and Robot R&D Center in the Free Economic Zone, inspected the site, and encouraged the executives and employees. This visit was conducted to visit promising robot companies in Incheon Robot Land, which is about to take a new leap forward as Korea's leading robot industry innovation cluster, and to hear voices from the field.

Syscon Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Heung-soo), located on the 4th floor of the Robot R&D Center, is a logistics robot company that integrated its headquarters and research center in Seoul and Gyeonggi and moved to Incheon in 2019. In particular, based on the automation SI experience and technology accumulated over a long period of time, the company succeeded in developing a robot system and an autonomous mobile robot (AMR), and has been steadily supplying them to the production lines of large corporations this year as well as last year. In addition, with support from Incheon Techno Park, a local guide robot has been developed and is being prepared for field verification at subway stations.
CEO Kim said, ‘Robotics is a future business that still requires investment, so public cooperation is important, and Incheon, which has a high interest and will to foster the robotics field, is of great help. And, the largest market for the logistics robots our company pursues is Incheon. “We are also looking forward to the robot industry innovation cluster that will be developed in the future.”

Mayor Park's corporate visit this time went beyond simple encouragement at the end of the year to directly visit small and medium-sized companies that are leading players in the robot industry, which will become Incheon's future growth engine, to tour development sites, and hear difficulties and suggestions directly from company executives and employees. It has great meaning.

Mayor Park said, “The non-face-to-face social atmosphere caused by the coronavirus crisis can be an opportunity for the robot industry. Incheon Robot Land is also scheduled to begin in earnest next year, starting with the design of the foundation construction, and it is a place where the future leaders we met today can realize their dreams.” “We will make efforts to develop it into a space,” he said.
The corporate visit on this day was attended by Incheon Mayor Park Nam-chun, Incheon Techno Park Director Seo Byeong-jo, and Incheon Robot Land President Park Cheol-hyu. Source: Incheon News(

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