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‘Incheon Transportation Corporation deploys route guidance robot station staff for the first time in the country’
< IM5-Non-face-to-face service robot > 22.03.07

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'On March 3rd, our service robot was deployed as a robot station attendant at Incheon National University entrance station.
Related content was broadcast on the YTN evening news.(22.03.07)

News excerpt Incheon Transportation Corporation announced that it has deployed robot station staff at subway stations for the first time among urban railways nationwide. The robot station attendant placed on the first basement floor of Incheon National University Station is mainly responsible for providing directions around the station and can be used through touchpad operation or voice recognition services. Incheon Transportation Corporation's research and development team spent 140 million won to develop robot station attendants in collaboration with Incheon Techno Park and plans to expand the introduction of robots through a trial operation period until the end of the year.

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