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'Syscon attends Roboworld 2022 pre-networking event'


▲ Seungheon Lee from Syscon's Overseas Business Department is introducing the company, its technology, and the products it produces.

Introduction to AMR and AGV total solution

News excerpt
[Industrial Daily]
Prior to the opening of the 2022 Robo World, a pre-press conference to introduce exhibition information and major participating companies was held at the Nine Tree Hotel in Insa-dong, Seoul on the 29th. Syscon, who attended the event, introduced the company, its technology, and the products it produces.

Seungheon Lee of Syscon’s technical sales team said, “Siscon supplies AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) and AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) total solutions based on its own technology to fields such as smart factories and logistics warehouses.”
He continued, “Starting with its first business in 2013, Syscon pursued AMR development in earnest in 2017.
Afterwards, we signed a contract to supply AMR mass production models in 2019, and in 2020, we achieved the performance of delivering about 50 units to one site,” he said. He added that an M&A was signed with Hansung Welltech.

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