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' [Robo World] One hundred per day in the warehouse, domestically produced AMR '


▲ Syscon Co., Ltd. participates in ROBOTWORLD 2022 held at KINTEX, collaboration between SR3 and unmanned forklift

Syscon Co., Ltd. participates in ROBOTWORLD 2022 held at KINTEX

News excerpt
Syscon Co., Ltd., a specialized logistics robot manufacturing company, participated in ‘ROBOTWORLD 2022’ held at KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1 in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do and introduced AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) and unmanned forklifts.
Kim Ki-seo, manager of Syscon, said about the products presented at the exhibition, “Pallets and items can be moved to reduce labor at the factory or warehouse,” and “The manufacturing process for the products is all carried out domestically.
The model shown in the exhibition hall is operated using a lift method, but customization is also possible using a conveyor method or turntable method.”
Regarding China's strength in the logistics robot market, Manager Kim said, "Companies' trust in Chinese companies is not that high," and added, "We are developing products such as AMR that can carry heavy loads or move in smaller places. “The strategy is to build trust through reliable after-sales service (A/S),” he said.

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