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' Korea Development Bank selects ‘self-driving robot’ as its first venture investment of the new year '


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'Korea Development Bank selects ‘self-driving robot’ as its first venture investment of the new year' bad score ' (23.01.05)

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Korea Development Bank, which directly invested over 670 billion won in domestic venture companies last year, announced active investment activities this year by launching its first venture investment of the new year. The small and medium-sized venture industry is paying attention to whether the Korea Development Bank, the largest government-run financial institution, will thaw the recently frozen investment sentiment of venture capital (VC) companies.

According to the investment banking (IB) industry on the 5th, Korea Development Bank completed its first investment of 10 billion won in the new year in Syscon, a logistics and factory autonomous robot producer. SBI Investment invested 10 billion won, bringing the total amount to 20 billion won.

Syscon was launched in Incheon Metropolitan City in 2013 and is developing and mass-producing self-driving robots and automated production facilities in the logistics field. V1Tech (251630), a KOSDAQ-listed company, acquired management rights in 2021 and recorded sales of 8.1 billion won and net loss of 2.9 billion won as of the third quarter of last year.

Last year, along with Yonhap Asset Management (Yuamco), V1Tech acquired Hansung Welltech, another logistics and factory automation equipment company located in Busan, and merged it with Syscon in October to increase the size of the company. As a result, overall sales last year increased significantly. It is a prospect.

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