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' Syscon applies for patent for forklift equipped with wireless haptic joystick module '


▲ Syscon Co., Ltd. Forklift equipped with wireless operation haptic joystick conversion module

' Syscon applies for patent for forklift equipped with wireless haptic joystick module ' (23.02.02)

News excerpt
Busan City announced that Syscon Co., Ltd. has applied for a patent for ‘forklift equipped with wireless operation haptic joystick conversion module’ through the ‘Intelligent Unmanned Automation Smart Logistics System’ research and development project jointly supported by the Ministry of Science and ICT.

This technology is one of the technologies applied to smart logistics centers. Not only does it enable forklift operation wirelessly through a haptic joystick, but it is also equipped with an automation module, so it is possible to operate a forklift based on unmanned automation at night when there is a shortage of manpower.

Currently, forklifts are core work equipment in port hinterland complexes or in various inland logistics centers, but while most are operated in a manned manner, unmanned automated forklifts are being introduced and operated in smart logistics centers in advanced ports.

Operating a forklift equipped with a haptic joystick module has the advantage of enabling safe cargo handling and transportation by preventing various accidents such as cargo collapse and collision with storage racks and equipment that occur in the existing manned forklift operation method.


In addition, this technology includes an unmanned automation algorithm, allowing various tasks such as unloading and transferring cargo to be operated 24 hours a day unmanned, similar to the yard operation method of the Busan Port New Port Container Terminal, thereby increasing logistics center productivity and efficiency.

Jeong Lim-soo, Director of the Busan City Transportation Bureau, said, “The technology for which this patent has been applied is one of the core technologies of the research and development project promoted by our city and the Ministry of Science and Technology, and is an innovative technology that will lead the smartization of logistics centers operating in the Busan Port hinterland complex and industrial complex in the future. “We plan to actively support commercialization and spread of technology introduction as it can become a technology,” he said.

Meanwhile, the intelligent unmanned automated smart logistics system research and development project is a logistics-related research and development project in the Busan region with an investment of approximately 14 billion won from 2020 to 2025. The first phase of the project was completed last year, and commercialization research for field introduction is in full swing starting this year. It is scheduled to be implemented.

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