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Selection of AMR/AGV Supplier worth KRW 11.5 Billion for Syscon... Speed of 'North American Project'


▲Syscon's range of self-driving robots. Photo = V1Tech

▲Syscon has secured a total of 2.9 billion won by 2026, including 2 billion won in government contributions and 900 million won in private contributions, as it was finally selected as a national project for the development of an outdoor fruit tree environment agricultural robot platform in the "2023 Core Technology Development Project for Robot Industry" conducted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Evaluation and Management this month. Through this project, CISCON expected to secure core technologies in the high-tech robot industry and create new markets due to ripple effects in related industries. It is also expected that the introduction of service robots in the labor sector will contribute to solving social problems such as a decrease in the population in rural areas, an aging population, and an increase in labor costs.

▲"As the U.S. and Europe, where labor costs are relatively high compared to other regions, are actually suffering from manpower shortages, many companies are gradually adopting 'robot' for factory and warehouse automation, and it will grow rapidly, especially in line with the demand for automation in the manufacturing and logistics industries," a Syscon official said. "Starting with the supply of picking robots used in overseas fulfillment logistics warehouses (Rotterdam, Netherlands) last year, Syscon plans to complete empirical verification and actively target the U.S. and European markets where labor costs are high."

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