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Announcement of new stock issuance (free capital increase)

Announcement of new stock issuance (free capital increase)

  • Large-scale supply contract for North American electric vehicle production line
  • Increases productivity and stability and reduces costs
  • Following the establishment of an American corporation, we are also planning to enter the European market.

News excerpt

Syscon, a company specializing in self-driving logistics robots, is preparing for a new leap forward. It is because it has signed a large supply contract for electric vehicles and battery production lines for electric vehicles in North America, with demand for logistics robots expected to surge due to battery manufacturing lines for electric vehicles as well as automobile, body, and parts suppliers being built in the U.S

Real-time location and autonomous driving are performed based on environmental information collected by sensors such as Syscon's mobile robot AMR, AGV LiDAR, and cameras. This enables productivity improvement, safety increase, cost reduction, flexibility, work environment improvement, and logistics work efficiency.In recognition of its technological prowess, the robot is currently used in various manufacturing processes and logistics warehouses.AGV is in charge of logistics and transportation between lines in the vehicle body assembly line during the electric vehicle manufacturing process. AMR is an unmanned robot and is playing a role in the automobile parts manufacturing line.
So far, the confirmed project amount amounts to about 19% based on the consolidated financial statements of the parent company V1Tech at the end of last year. As supplies will also be invested in assembly lines and assembly deletion (press) lines of automobile partner companies in the future, it is expected that AGV orders for body painting lines will also be carried out.

Syscon's competitiveness lies in the fact that it replaces expensive foreign solutions or substandard low-priced products through its own software and hardware development. In particular, through continued research and development for over 10 years, we have built the technology and experience to adapt to the system settings of field operation scenarios. Through this, we plan to establish an efficient operating system in North America by establishing a technical support system and developing editor tools and manuals. In addition, we are actively considering establishing a European subsidiary, starting with the American subsidiary established in Georgia, USA last year.

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