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SYSCON-HEXAGON Co-Develops Automatic and Self-Measurement Systems



Hexagon and Ciscon jointly developed a new measurement system to automatically and autonomously create a measurement system operated manually by existing workers, enabling automatic and autonomous measurement by securing space to measure products without building an expensive dedicated "measurement room." In addition, it provides an autonomous measurement environment that can be operated unmanned, allowing autonomous measurement outside of working hours without workers for the operation of the measurement room, and can drastically reduce costs and improve efficiency and productivity by measuring multiple products in one system.

Syscon provides services such as system consulting, program development, trial run, maintenance, and education necessary for automation, and develops autonomous transport robots and IT solutions through its own research institute.

Choi Kwang-yong, CEO of Syscon, said, "We will provide the value of digital convergence in the manufacturing industry with a new system that combines Syscon's FA, IT, and ROBOT technology and hexagon technology. We will develop innovative engineering services and solutions that lead the market through continuous cooperation."
The development of the new system, which can be used in various industries such as automobiles, aviation, molds, and heavy industries that produce finished cars and parts, used an all-in-one laser tracker, Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 (Leica Absolute Tracker AT960), and 3D Laser Scanner Absolute Scanner AS1 (Absolute Scanner AS1).
AT960MR, which provides fast dynamic measurements, provides a solution for automated inspection through probing and scanning of degrees of freedom (6DoF) and measurement using reflectors. Also, the AS1 scanner (AS1 scanner) has been used to enable the new system to achieve maximum performance in an easy-to-use manner through the state-of-the-art blue laser technology and contactless 3D measurement function using advanced programmingHexagon and Ciscon have developed a fully measured autonomous system and programmed the operator's experience and technology into automatic and autonomous measurement systems, said Hong Seok-kwan, vice president of Hexagon. "We will apply more broadly the automated system that measures with minimal manipulation in manufacturing areas where the experience and skill of workers for product quality judgment are very important."Hexagon and Ciscon have continued to cooperate in the field of smart manufacturing technology since signing the MOU in May this year, including the development of automated and autonomous measurement and inspection systems, and the cooperation of advanced technologies related to manufacturing and securing high-quality products for seven months.In the future, Hexagon plans to collaborate in developing various autonomous systems such as manufacturing industry asset management, real-time facility control, and efficient manufacturing facility operation through digitalization of manufacturing plants through continuous cooperation with Syscon.

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