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Selected as "2023 Korea Robot Company of the Year" by Syscon


▲ Robot Newspaper Selected and Announced 30 Korea Robot Companies of the Year 2023


▲ CEO Choi Kwangyong won the award
This year marks the fifth consecutive year that the Syscon has won.
A total of 30 companies were selected as "2023 Korea Robot Company of the Year 2023" in six categories, including industrial robots, professional service robots, personal service robots, robot parts, robot SW/platforms, and artificial intelligence, by evaluating comprehensive factors such as the achievements that contributed to the development of the Korean robot industry and the future growth potential of companies, CEO management capabilities, new product announcements, and market performance.


▲ Group shot of representatives of selected robot companies


▲ △Syscon Co., Ltd. ( CEO: Kwang-yong Choi)
Syscon is a subsidiary of VOneTech and is a company specializing in autonomous robots such as AGV, AMR, and unmanned forklifts established in 2013.
It provides a total logistics solution necessary for smart factory assembly line (secondary battery, automobile assembly and production process, etc.) and manufacturing, distribution, and logistics warehouses. It provides total solutions (design, consulting, construction, etc.) including its own HW/SW technology required for autonomous robot-based logistics automation. A large amount (more than 50 units) of AGV/AMR automation system is being operated in the mass production stage in secondary battery and automobile production plants.

It has built up its performance by supplying logistics robots to about 50 companies, including Hyundai Motor, Hyundai Wia, LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Heavy Industries.
Syscon products consist of SR (low weight) series, HP (high weight) series, and DLF (unmanned forklift) series, and have the advantage of being able to support both AGV and AMR types. The SR series of representative logistics transfer robots can transfer low weight and drive the optimal route through autonomous driving. It can be used with conveyor, lift, manipulator cooperative robot, rack type, turntable, etc. by replacing vehicle phase modules. 018 Minister of SMEs and Startups Award, Minister of Industry in Robot Design 2020 and Prime Minister of Merit in 2023 were awarded, and were selected as the Korean Robot Industry Company of the Year for 5 consecutive years from 2019 to 2023.

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